Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I used to have nice shirts once
Nice shirts in grade school
I would tuck them in
Tuck them in and wear a shiny black belt -
An oil spill glittering neatly across my waist.
I tied my own shoes
I combed my own hair
But only after I had doused my head
I would part it
Determined to impress Courtney Conrad.
I would stand up straight to speak
My voice, frail and soft like a slice of bread
- ringing out -
Hello Hello Hello!
I would chirp in a high pitched voice, swinging my arms down the hallways as I charged
Hello Hello Hello!
A smile of mismatched piano keys
Hello Hello Hello!
Singing to her off key on the playground as I dangled upside
I was very in love then
In grade school.
When I was very young.
Hello Hello Hello.

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