Monday, March 14, 2011

Lately, things have been . . .

"So, that's it then? I'm adopted?"
"Yes, Mark. But that's doesn't change
how your mother and I feel about

"I eat crepes and play with tape.
I can't be that hard to get along with." 

Rule #1: If you're going to get stuck on an elevator,
keep good company.
Rule #2: Be sure and press all the buttons. 

"What are you wearing right now Janice?"
"A powder blue power suit."
"Oh, Janice. I think I'm going to have
to end this phone call."   
I don't know who Sarah is, but she's a lucky girl. 

I'm still not entirely sure how I haven't
been fired yet.

I'll write about what this all means later. I'm just too tired right now. 

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