Sunday, January 16, 2011

Is it really all right?

This morning when you wake up the first thing you think about was what she told you about the wedding. You didn't even really look at her. You thought it was raining this morning. It's winter. Why would it be raining? You go back to sleep. You wake up again when your phone rings. You think it's her; the other girl, this new girl you met. She smokes, too, which is something that's usually repulsed you, but some women for whatever reason can pull it off, like a black and white movie. She tells you she wants to go to India. She wants to ride an elephant. "They're called 'howdahs'" you tell her, and she squints at you like you've just proposed to her after only knowing her for a week. Considering how easily you fall in love, this isn't totally out of the question. "That's what they put on the elephants backs to ride them: howdahs."

"Oh" she says, and the two of you leave to get breakfast.


  1. I really liked this. The way you think and write is unlike anything I've ever read

  2. Wild Thing (That's you, Lauren), you make my heart sing.