Monday, February 22, 2010

My ears are burning

I cannot help but worry about priorities. When recently asked by a beautiful Swedish woman about my thoughts on politics, I merely shrugged my shoulders and folded my lips. I don't really care too much for politics, I said. I find life more enjoyable that way. I assumed that she would be impressed with my nonchalance. I had it figured out. I was comfortable. She merely shrugged  herself and said, 
"Yes, I understand. This is typical of Americans." 

I am dwelling on this. 

There is so much beauty in life that needs to be enjoyed, why pollute it with politics? 

But then I think, 

There are so many issues in life that need to be explored, why ignore them with ignorance? 

Fuck. What now? 

Even in the library as words unfold onto the page, I flip through a book that has only been checked out twice, 

each time by myself. And I think, 

Jesus, I've read this twice. How did I not retain any of this shit?

If Socrates was given hemlock to drink for committing impiety on the youth, 
what would be an appropriate punishment for the people responsible for Jersey Shore? 

Adjacent to me, two young women snort and sneeze and giggle about which celebrities penis's they would like in their mouth. I would be more then happy to accommodate them with a kick to the face while they close their eyes. They can pretend it's really a swinging cock.

I'm coming to Sweden. look for me when I get there. I'll be the young man running naked through the streets. I'll be wearing the American flag as a cape. I'll be shouting, the British are coming! The British are coming!

How's that?


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