Monday, March 8, 2010

Don't be mad,

Because four hours
is a long time
for anybody to
have something
pressed against their ear.
Only to realize that
This is the
somethingth time
I have made this mistake.

That's why.

That's why,
When it finally snowed
in Columbus,

I took the time,
because I forgot
how much
you hated not having
in your bed.

When both of our feet
suspended themselves . . .


We were
helium balloons.

We were
And we thought it would be a good idea.

Now that you're happy though,
Now that you're happy again,
I should say.
Now that your lips pull
back into that
sweet, wet
smile that isn't mine
(Not that I can't make
you laugh,

not the way he can).

Because that was my idea,
I knew
it was Inevitable.

That's why.
That's why
I was drunk
that time I kicked
you out of bed.

"I'm sorry -"
I had said.

was all I had to say for myself.
And you were so upset,
And that glass you gave me
Is still in my freezer.
"I love you,"
It says.
"Happy Birthday."

At my sisters wedding,
you slapped me
(I was drunk then too),
And when you
stormed off,
I closed my eyes
Felt the
The whole world

Spinning past me,
A carousel.

And all I ever
wanted was for
the world to
stop spinning,

So that I could
catch you.
I never did.

And I thought about
you with my eyes closed,
And often still do.

I found you
later on
in a dry bath tub

with your arms folded.

It took so long
for me to dry out.

"I'm sorry -"
I had said.

was all I had to say for myself.

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