Monday, March 1, 2010

Readily Unavailable

And I realize(d)!
At least
I('ve) manage(d) to 
Of course
Only after I had sworn to myself
Against the better knowing(s) of my consciousness
That I was
 in fact
In Love with this girl. 
Her name
By the way 
The girl standing here before me
Is one that I have become
Incredibly familiar with.
To that regard, in which
I (have) so disregard(ed) it
To be
It is
At least
By its very nature
At least
It is to me. 



Since you’ve managed to dry up my tongue
I must have another drink.
But, everything we drink here makes us  thirstier
And so, we'll dance!
And so, you dance
And so, when you dance
I swear
That I am (un)inhibited.

I am Frazzled!
No! I am Bankrupted!
                                                                        By the very Glib,
                                                                                                            And frivolous,
Nature of our conversation(s).


But I will dance too
Because I am in love
With what it is
That you are singing.

And I will laugh too
Because I am in love
With what it is
That you are saying.

And we will brush our skin too
Because we are in love
With how it is
That we are feeling. 

And we will be young too
Because, we are in love
With how much it is 
That we don't know any better

We won't know any better.
Until you fall down, of course.
Because you jumped into my arms
I was the one who scraped my knee(s).

Let’s go home now
 I will say
            And I will wave.
Let’s go home now 
I will hint
            And I will wave.
Let’s go home now
 I will beg
            And I will wave.
Until there is another exchange of currency
                                                            For more of a mess
                                                            To be poured 
Down our throats.

But, now, there are no mechanics!
What, what, what, did I miss?
Because, no matter how frivolous and glib and playful I
May be, by my very nature . . .  

Is a domineeringly Tantamount animal
By its very Nature.

how did I miss that you were too?
And so madly, too?
Not with me. 

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