Wednesday, March 10, 2010

This decade, only later

"What are you thinking about?"
She asked me
I sipped my beer.
I was thinking about an old girlfriend and
about her nose. About the way it 
crinkled when I told her something 

I'm thinking about flamingos, I told her
I Lied, I did - to make talk, small. 
Pink is such a ridiculous color for a bird, I said.
God must have a very funny sense of humor, I said.
"Colors are all science," 
she said 
and she flapped her mouth
"They are all just pigments being reflected by the sun." 
You don't think God is very funny?
I asked 
I do not believe in god,
she said.

I took her home and kissed her below her waist 

We slept together, 
Because we were     unfamiliar. 
And it made us both thirsty
I asked her, 

Why don't you believe in God, anymore? 

She poked at a 

"I do not believe in god anymore because 
I work 
in a hospital," 
she said. 
And today I watched a man take his 
last breath
his last shuddering     breath, 
and all at once his skin
changed color and he died.
 I said

She started to cry.

I rolled over and held my breath 
until I fell

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